Most of the people employed or self-employed aren’t aware of how to transition themselves from an Unproductive Un-resourceful state to a State of abundance and be deprived financially or from a good relationship filled with love & happiness or from a good health and vitality

Most of the people employed or self-employed aren’t aware of how to transition themselves from an Unproductive Un-resourceful state to a State of abundance and be deprived financially or  from a good relationship filled with love & happiness or from a good health and vitality

I Solve This…

By providing them a well-calibrated path of action to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time and be successful in all

areas of life, be it Health, Wealth,

Environment, Relationship or



My name is Pratish Nair and I work with people who are employed but have never loved their job and have always wanted to exit out of the job and start some business of their own and be their own boss. I help them to get equipped with the right skillset that can help take care of their expenses and prepare them for the big leap of faith by a proven process that gets their true passion monetised.

I work with people who have yet to figure out their purpose in life, by not only getting their passion identified but also to correct their Identity blueprint and get them to have targeted goals and vision.

I work with people who even after their entire struggle to keep up their relationship with spouse still cannot mend their relationship. I leave them with a profound connection between them that stay for life.

I also work with people who have tried everything they could to become financially strong however wealth just keeps slipping from them. I help correct their money blueprint and teach them a specialised skill set for life.

I behind the scenes helped many employees to transform by helping them find their passion and teach how to monetise those passion. Being trained by some of the words best trainers, I have all the tools to help. I have not only been successful in Training & coaching people on different areas of generating wealth but also helped the’m the kind of coach that likes to do full justice to what I do and would like to roll up the sleeves and get to work with you and help get some great results soon. I have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names that exist in their respective industries. With over 16 years of experience working for the top financial banks like Credit Suisse, Citibank and JP Morgan Chase, I havem to learn few specialised skills that can help take care of their monthly expenses making them financially independent for life.

Everything Changed For Me When … I Started Teaching My Wife Who Was Having A Passion But Did Not Know How To Monetise It

Unknowingly it was a Gift Shift. I not only taught my wife all the required skills to succeed but also build her Business in manufacturing Jewellery. She now gets Client from all over the world. This was exactly what gave me my confidence to help more people. I then started my own real estate business with the help of a group of employees and with little or no money down, built a real estate portfolio of 5.8 Million. This way I helped those few employees built their passive income. I had by now got my purpose come clear.

I then had a vision to help more people who had a passion to do something of their own and built their own empire. I figured out that people fail to quit their job due to Fear of unknown & lack of knowledge on how to make an income that can replace their salary and take care of their expenses. I understood that above all I need to build the belief in them that IT’S POSSIBLE and that they can be successful. I immediately started to work on my system that can help these people to be fully prepared before they can take the biggest leap of faith. This is when …

I Came Up With the Idea of Writing My Own Book Called “Be Empowered Before You Quit”. My Own Experience…

I needed to completely study the Mind-set of different class of people working in investment banks and figure out what was blocking their mind to exit out of the rat race and finally found the common denominator that almost all the employees work only for pay cheque to take care of their expenses and since they have been in the same state day in and day out with no other choice and with no time, tend to reach a state of unworthiness and end up staying where they are.

I knew there was a way out and that I can easily teach. I then reached out to few people who really had the passion to do something but don’t know how. I not only trained them with all the marketing, Branding, Positioning techniques but also helped them to identify their own passion and show them how they can monetise those. This way I not only gave them the knowledge but also build their confidence that made them happier and get over their unworthy feeling and wake up daily with a purpose. I did not stop there but started teaching more and more people a specialised skill set that they can use to make wealth from home with minimal effort and time, leaving the rest of the day to do what they please and giving them the freedom of their choice.

With My Help, You Can Now Build Your Dreams With Little Or No Money Down…No Gimmicks!

I Would Be Personally Focusing On Your Success. You Will Not Only Learn ‘What To Do’ But Also ‘How To Do’ With Step By Step Guidance From Me .


If you believe in me and if this is of any interest to you then do enter your details below. Life is full of choices. Make the right choice.



  1.  Prepare you for the right entrepreneurial mindset.
  2. All relevant knowledge of branding, positioning, marketing yourself and your business.
  3. Principles, Tools, Techniques & Strategies to start your first profitable business to replace your monthly expense.
  4. Know the Secret of becoming a WEALTH Magnet and attract richness.
  5. 7 dangerous Mistakes All Employees Make before quitting their Job.
  6. 7 Habits of a Sucessfully Self Employed Individual