Self Employed - 7 step to prepare yourself before you take the big leap of faith

SELF EMPLOYED – 7 steps to prepare yourself for an entrepreneurship

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Being an entrepreneur, whether new or traditional, is as much having distinctive attitudes, beliefs, mindset, as it is knowing about business, finance or being marketing savvy and over and all these a true entrepreneur is a person who focuses on what problems exists to be resolved and they work towards it as a true leader. Acquiring these attitudes, beliefs and mindset is the most important step to a successful entrepreneurship.

This Leader knows what he wants. You have to know what for you want to escape from your Job. It’s your ‘WHY’ that you need to know before you even think of quitting your day Job. If you want to quit your job, just because you want to be rich or you want to be your own boss, won’t help. It’s not the reason or your ‘WHY’. The real ‘WHY’ is the purpose behind what you do and why you do. It’s the emotional drive that will push you further.  If you are unsatisfied with the current environment and situation, that also is not the real ‘WHY’ for which you want to quit. All these are your wants. Your ‘WHY’ should be the reason that should be compared to a very strong belief, as strong as you would want to breath. You should be ready to give up all comfort and take up as many challenges that come the way. It’s ultimately the happiness that you get after being successful fulfilling the desire for your WHY. It’s only that happiness for which you are ready to burn the midnight candles. Now you might think that if that is so then why not be happy today so that you got to the end state today itself and don’t have to go through the whole painful Journey. Well you are partially right, however the truth is that you can never get the exact happiness level that you can get after becoming successful in whatever way you want to be . See a person can get happiness even if he got a blind man cross the road and another person ,might get happiness by spending time with his family, another person might be happy by taking care of his old parents and some might be only happy when they got over the poverty line and become prosperous. And each happiness level is in direct proportional to the Satisfaction level.

All Happiness is classified in to two type’s .One that stays and second that does not stay. For example if a person can only be happy if he won a lottery or became rich to own a home , a car etc. then that I classify as temporary happiness or the one that does not stay. If this person achieves what he desired then he will be happy for a short while. He then will look at other means of getting happiness. He may then want to own a Mansion or a Private Jet. His wants will never end.

On the contrary acquiring knowledge or a Specialised Skillset which can help a person live comfortably and serve many others or maintaining healthy relationship with spouse or kids, then these kinds of happiness stays and grows.  Hence what I am trying to state here is to exit out of a Job and to become Successful consistently you have to clearly go deep within yourself and retrain your mind to figure out the true potential and true reason for your desire that would then eventually help you figure out your passion. Once you figure out what you love to do, monetizing that is relatively simple. The Drive for getting success is not the materialistic achievements but the intangible achievements that leads to a permanent happiness.

There are many answers to this age old problem, however, the most relevant answers fabricated to help you overcome the real worldly challenges are as listed below.

As I had mentioned in my book “Be empowered before you quit your Job”, Human wants are ever growing. Even though his needs may be very less but his wants has to be growing else he will reach a plateau and happiness cannot stay with you if there is no change either within you or outside you. To exit out of the Job you have to accept or willing to change big time. You have to be so hungry to succeed like never before. Hence I stress too much on being prepared before you quit. That does not mean to earn lots of money to sustain for many years. No .This is only got to do with a Big Change in your mindset.  This will continue to push you again and again till you get successful. Your life is a manifestation of the choices you make, so you need to be conscious about the choices that you make.

Be positive

Often our mind behaves as a result of the way you cultivate it from childhood. If you have been brought up in boundaries, the way you look at things change as an when you grow up. You become scared of the world and end up being closed to whatever others say. You unconsciously adapt negative thoughts and may not lead a quality life. There is a lot to consider in the realm of “beliefs” and how many areas of life it can affect. Beliefs are deep seeded and we need to get a clear understanding of how we learned them in order to make the effective change. We have to understand what was said to us or told to us that we took on as a belief. Good thing is this behaviour can be changed and learning to manage negative thoughts and feelings empowers you, as does the ability to follow through on goals and commitments to yourself.

Similarly, since you’re accountable for your feelings and actions, the more and more you be positive the more you see opportunity is in front of you.


Change the way you Communicate

Communication is the glue that holds relationships together. Learn to communicate positively, be patient and be present and listen more to what others have to say. No matter how difficult it is to hear something, always try to look at the person while they are talking. This really lets the person know that they are heard. Let the person completely finish what they have to say. It’s very tempting to interrupt when we hear something we don’t like. Let the other person share their feelings with you until it’s your turn to share. This way you got an opportunity to communicate precisely and potentially connect with the person better. Learn to be a Success seekers rather than failure avoiders. It’s all how you talk to yourself, how you communicate to yourself.


Change your bad Habits

A habit (or wont) is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. In the American Journal of Psychology (1903) it is defined in this way: “A habit, from the standpoint of psychology, is a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience. Since it’s the thoughts that leads to emotion which in turn leads to the behaviour, your change in the thoughts can actually change your behaviour. Now Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because the behavioural patterns we repeat are imprinted in our neural pathways. But it is possible to form new habits through repetition. Any Habit can be changed by repeatedly incorporating the new habit for at least 29 days to 60 days depending on different individuals grasping power. Hence for e.g. if you have a habit to get up late then practise to get up early daily for more than 29 days and you will see that initially, you found it very difficult but as and when days pass by you will realise that it’s so easy and also you will never unconsciously get up early after these many repetitions. You have now ingrained that in to your subconscious mind. Now to begin practising to get up early, you need to figure out the motivation behind it so that you don’t give up. It’s your will power that will come handy. If your WHY is so strong you will figure out a way to motivate yourself for this change. You need to develop also a daily ritual or habit for thinking on your goals on a daily basis. You are then creating a neurological pattern, a map of your new goal in your brain and hence your subconscious mind sees it in the physical world to match to your goal and hence it knows how to reach that goal. Once you create that habit , your start thinking differently as well. All habits are triggered due to some trigger . for e.g. people drink alcohol as they feel alcohol makes them feel more light and get their anxiety reduced and they get satisfaction and get happiness, however if that person replaces drinking with going to gym and exercising with some friends who can be his accountability partner then that also ends up in happiness. This can be a way to change habits if will power alone cannot sustain. This way the probability to get rid of any habits is even more.



Now, this is not that complicated to understand. Now let me tell you what causes the belief or perception to be created. There are two types of belief one that is explicit beliefs that we have which are called an explicit belief eg. I believe I can make more money, I believe I can be in a good relationship, I believe I am powerful beyond measure etc.. But what research has found is that there is something called the implicit beliefs. Now, this is what is underneath your mind, in your subconscious part of your mind. Now, this is what you think about in true about yourself or about anything for e.g. am I smart enough, will I make it, do I deserve success, what if I fail, what if… All these causes a couple of things to happen like doubts.Hence belief and habits go hand in hand. For e.g if you have a goal to make 100000 Dollar and if you don’t believe that you could make it then there is no way you can make it. Hence Belief is like a crystal clear view of all the puzzles that when fit together will produce the desired result. What you believe about yourself is nothing but a combination of what your parents taught you, teachers taught you and what you learned from your surroundings. Those things have created a pattern in your mind which when reinforced over time you formed some habits which finally caused the results. Now if you instead of considering these beliefs based on what you think you are capable of if you choose a Goal and without thinking whether you will be able to do or not and without focusing on how to do, you create or get help to develop strategies, tactics, and process to achieve that and if on top of that you choose the habits and beliefs in order to achieve the goals, you will be amazed how easy it was to be successful. Now to choose the belief you need to look at the goal daily and see yourself in future right now as if you have achieved that and feel that you can do with emotions.


Feeling empowered is the push that you have towards the right direction.Check if you feel empowered by asking yourself these 3 questions. If you answer all the 3 questions you feel competent. When you feel competent at doing worthwhile work you are more likely to be self-motivated.

Self-efficacy – Can you do it? Do you believe you can do it? Do you have the time, knowledge and the training to do what we are asking you to do.

Response efficacy – Will it work? Believing that the behavior will lead to the desired outcome.

Selection by consequences – This is a Motivation question- Is it worth it? Dale Carnegie said from the day you were born, everything that you did was because you wanted something for doing it. We all are in control by consequences.


The Key to achieving our goals and our success is to avoid mental traps. A mental trap is either believing that you are special or leading to believe that you are not special nor having the ability to achieve anything in life. Remember different mindset lead to different behavior and hence different results. People who don’t understand this and who have a fixed mindset will tend to think that they cannot achieve something that is beyond their intellectual and hence will not even waste time thinking that they can. On the contrary, people who have a growing mindset increases their intellect over time and hence the performance increases. It’s just a different perspective on intelligence. Hence the key to success is not only the effort, persistence or focus but also to have a growth mindset. This mindset is critical. Hence when we realize that we can change our own abilities and have a growth Mindset, we bring you to a whole new level. Hence people with a fixed mindset needs praise to go further but a people who have a growth mindset becomes more active when they get information on what they could do better to go further.In other words, people with fixed mindset focus on how they are judged by others and people with a Growth Mindset focus on increasing the knowledge.The same applies to all things that each group of mindset people sees. The effort is seen as something that people who are lower does and not themselves but people with growth mindset sees that as a way to grow. The same applies when people hits some setbacks. Fixed mindset person withdraws but growth mindset people find something better to do and finds another workaround.So, in a Nutshell, our brain remains healthy when we constantly think about change and work on how to grow to the next level. Ask yourself how to develop your ability to reach that next level and cultivate the growth mindset. Once you cultivate this habit then you will reach your full potential and will lead a competent and contented, happy life.

A Man is nothing but an animal with a mind and is identified by his mind rest all even dogs and cattle’s have. It’s only this thing that distinguishes man from animals. The Mind is like a double edge sword. It seems good as well as bad depending on what your experience towards life is. Hence the way we see life is what matters. If we see life negatively you will end up with a negative attitude and fixed mindset. But at the same time if you take everything that happens positively then no matter what you will be confident and lead a happy contented life with a growth mindset and will clearly see when opportunities coming to you. You will never be the same again.


The Source of all problems, shortfalls or setbacks lies deep within our subconscious mind. If not properly understood then your subconscious mind can literally sabotage your life. However the good thing is that you need to just practise these techniques and to feed your subconscious mind with sublime thoughts by which even though your conscious mind does not perceive these thoughts but your subconscious mind will perceive it and that’s how it works. So let me get straight to it.

To explain this let me tell you a story

A woman was sitting at the airport with her box of cookies. As she took one of the cookies from her bag a man sitting beside her also took one. She immediately got angry but did not say a word and kept focusing on the thought that how mean this person is that he is without any shame taking the cookie out of her bag with no gratitude. The next cookie she takes the man too take the next and the women was only getting her emotions worsened by the thought that how can this man keep taking the cookies out of her bag without permission or a word of thanks . At the end one cookie was left and the man took it and broke it in to two and gave one half to the lady who snatched and eat and took her bag and rushed to the Flight as she heard the flight being called. All this time she was thinking what a thief that man is . As she sat down in her flight and took a look at her bag she found that the box of cookie that she bought was intact and so that means all this while she was eating the cookie from the box that the man had bought and now she immediately got her emotions changed from Anger to guilt as she now felt that she was the thief.

Now, who were you till now? Where are you thinking independent or inter-dependent? If independent then I don’t blame you as we all are brought up the same way. You as all must have immediately gone into that judgemental mode to assess that the person was a thief and didn’t even think for  a second why that person is doing that nor tried to find the answer.


Control your thoughts and expectations and allow no one to put negative limitations to your dreams.  Your Thoughts lead to Emotions which lead to behavioral changes which when added with massive action will make all the difference.

Is it the Fear of Unknown? Step into your FEAR and say YES to your Life. Stop wasting time and start to appreciate existence before it’s too late. Marcel Proust a great French literature wrote this in his famous and one of the world longest novel called “In Search of Lost time” that the more you appreciate your surroundings the more you become happier and your results will show a drastic improvement.


Top 5 Resources to lower the risk in transitioning from employee to self employed

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As a passionate and an aspiring leader with an overall experience working in corporate of over 16 years, I have understood clearly the science or rather the secrete behind a success and that applies to almost all people of all types and characteristics . This if understood correctly may potentially change your life and give you an experience of all the abundance that you can achieve in your life with some slight changes.

If you are living a dream of exiting out of your Job and not sure of how to exit when you are living on monthly pay cheques?  If you badly want to own a business of your own and not to work for someone else? If you hate you current job and still working only to get your salary to pay your bills, grocery and other necessities and don’t know how? If you want to be seen as a Owner or Founder or a Business? Then you have come to the right place.

Before reading any further, I would like to let you know what are your PRE-REQUISITE to achieve your goals. You see if you so badly want to be successful then you should first need to answer to yourself as to why do you want to be successful. You need to know “WHY” you want to exit out of your Job that gives you stable income. Once you get to know your WHY then you will find a direction or an address to where to head to. The Address of Path will be found when you meet the below criteria.

Desire + Passion + Massive Action = Success

If you have a very Strong Desire to win and living with a passion so strong, you are the right person then to read further to understand the Top 10 Resource List that I have prepared to then take massive action. Once you get to that stage then you become virtually UNSTOPPABLE.



To be able to reach your goal you need to first learn where to put all your focus to.  Focus only on your Goal and not on the issue or problem.  Focus on a way out or solution and not focusing on the Problem that will occur in future with your decision.  FEAR is the driving factor behind all the failures. FEAR as someone said is false evidence appearing real. It’s due to the fear of the unknown, that you do not take the next step. If your Focus is shifted from thinking of what would happen if you could not succeed after quitting the job, to what should be done to ensure you never fail will make all the difference. You would then only start taking small actions that lead to success and not focusing on the failure will not depress or demotivate you. Do Not think of whether your action will get results or not. Leave that to the Universe. So as soon as you get those thoughts immediately change to some good positive and inspiring thoughts. You can also watch some inspiration videos that will shift your mind to start thinking like the rich.


Your energy is at its Peak when you get up. If at that moment you could spur out from the Bed immediately instead of slowly lifting your body eliminates all possibility of basking in that dull state for long. Early morning is the time when you energy is at its peak with all the cosmic energy that has flown down in to your body. The faster you react in a steady state, the higher the probability for your to be productive throughout the day.  If you get up from bed yanning at a slow pace and walking slowly to the bathroom and picking up your brush , will you feel strong. Do you think this will be more productive start of the day.  Just imagine if you sprint up from the bed with full speed within seconds as soon as your alarm clock rings the brain acts instantaneously and pumps blood across and you will feel a splurge of energy and happiness getting up in the morning.



We are all Humans and not machines that can be programmed as and when we feel like. We have to take care of people who are dependent on us; we have to the necessary stuffs like brushing teeth, taking bath, talking dog out for a walk, cleaning fish tank , reading all emails and replying to them, checking social media sites like facebook and whats app to stay connected to whats happening around among our friends etc retc and it goes on and on as a never ending task. If I take a walk from my inbuilt office in my house to the kitchen passing by the bedrooms and drawing room , I can end up spending some time picking up some stuffs that my kids have dropped on the foor or finding the Lid open and taking some time to close it etc etc.. All these take time. You see Time is the only thing that cannot wait .It can only grow smaller going forward. This is the only thing that cannot be grown neither you can ask for more. You can only loose time and once lost you never know how much is left. We as a  human really abuse time and waste it. We all want to be successful in life but there is no way an additional pressure can be manually generated in us by clicking a button. That’s where you need a Shift in your mind . You need to create or generate that pressure within to become that unstoppable. Stop killing time and become a conqueror of procrastination. If your why is strong then the time you get up onwards you will be very focused on what you need to achieve that day and you will start to realise how valuable this resource called time is. Pause the next time you start damaging time. Stop wasting time on unnecessary stuffs that add no value. Stop opening the phone always when you see a notification coming in . You got to work today so tomorrow you are one step closer to your dream. Your whats app or Facebook replies can wait, watching TV can be stopped, Stop entering an argument with any person just because you . You see the less you speak and more you take action the faster you reach your goal. There is no room for regretting. So Put down all the things that you do through out the day on a piece of paper.  Club together each and every activity that you do in to categories and prioritise them. You can keep all the whats app or Facebook replies once a day towards evening time when your energy has drained out. Never do the low priority task at the start of the day and you see that by evening all the top priority tasks have been accomplished and you will then feel lot more relieved and confident towards your dream.


Instead of slowly lifting your body or sulking in emotions or fear, try this out.  Instantaneously without thinking for even a second, Roar with a Full energy as much as you can that would be the best way you can get yourself in a High Vortex of Energy. If you are not able to roar in your house as it might scare your family or Neighbour, then you can also roar without any sound. Just feel the impulsive energy in that Silent Roar. Open your Mouth to shout loud and without any sound you can get that high energy floated to the Universe.  This way even if you had a sad dream or any emotional pain you will get over it instantaneously. Try it out ! This will get you immediately in to a steady state. When I was a child, I used to Love the Television cartoon serial called “HE-MAN, The Master of the Universe” and in that at the beginning itself the way he holds the sword high up in the sky and screams “HE MAN the most powerful man in the universe” and as he says lightning strikes. I used to do the same with a plastic sword and scream at the top of my voice “Pratish Nair the most powerful man in the universe “ J I was a Child then and could not understand then what was I doing. I was unconsciously transmitting my message to the universe. So can you . Start from where you are right now. Its magical.


As someone said “Faith is not knowing what the future Holds but knowing who holds the future”.  Focus on someone you want to be like. Tell the universe who you really want to be. What you really want to accomplish. You can use the words “I AM” as you know those are the most powerful words in the universe. It’s a Conscious meditation. It explains to the universe exactly who you are. “I AM GRATEFUL” “I AM TRULY HAPPY” “I AM POWERFUL” “I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN LIFE” “ I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY DESTINY” “AND I DECLARE TO THE UNIVERSE THAT I AM A CHANGED PERSON” “ I AM NOW BENEVOLENT” “I AM NOW ABUNDANT” “ I AM NOW GENEROUS’ “I AM NOT CARING”  With the opportunity that I have. “ I AM JOYFUL , WEALTHY AND GRATEFUL” .Since you are at home you can say this out loud and its ok how you want to say it. But you can say this in your own voice as you want to Loud or soft as you like. You will declare this over and over to the universe and you will declare that you are wealthy and abundant in joyfulness, happiness and contentment. You will follow your path .You will be the person you want to be every single moment of your life. You will live with passion .You will live with commitment .You will do everything in your power not to disappoint yourself. You are fabulous in your new life. You will develop new friendships. Your old friends will see you as more powerful, focused committed friend as individual. Over time your friend and family will give you respect. You begin to see it and feel it and you will find that the more you practise to be the new you, the more respect and admiration you will receive from your friend and family. See how happy that person is. Revel in that though. So now say it again and again “I AM ABUNDANT” “ I AM WEALTHY’ “ I AM GRATEFUL” “I AM NOW TRANSFORMED” AND “I AM GRATEFUL” “I AM …..” “I AM ….” “I AM A NEW PERSON”. This is a way to remind yourself who you are .Do this couple of times a day about 5 to 10 min. You can repeat it as many times as you like and tell the universe who you are. You will yourself see the benefits in the first 30 days itself if done with full devotion.


Self Empowered

Top 3 mistakes that people do to keep them stuck in a job they dislike and stop themselves from pursuing an entrepreneurial career path

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Top 3 mistakes that people do to keep them stuck in a job they dislike and stop themselves from pursuing an entrepreneurial career path:-

In my 16 years of experience working for some of the top banks, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from amazing professionals. I have been working with people who are in action and motivated and loving life to the fullest. I have also seen professionals who being in the same organization and doing the same work still live a life of misery.

I hence chose to learn from the successful people. I studied how they react to situations and resolve problems in day to day activities.

I even figured out what are the gaps that exist in people leading a frustrated life at job compared to people who lead a fulfilled happy life.

I have now found that the secret successful people follow, is no different than the secrete that exist from a century.

Continuing to do work that they do not enjoy.

I have seen this stage in people who love to be in the same place doing the same job and expecting different results. They feel they cannot survive in other department or in outside world as there is lot of unknowns. They finally end up doing the work because they are being paid as they then learn to compromise with life. These kinds of people have no idea what they love to do? They remain powerless and speechless anticipating and hopping that one day some things will change and everything will be back to how it was before. They do not have the urge to check and take inventory of unique abilities that they possess and the opportunities that comes across and they continue to take crap from management and stand for bullying or harassment. They reach a plateau where there is no growth and the feeling of unworthiness pulls them more down in life and they even accept too low or unfair salaries as they feel that they are indeed worthy only for that.

Successful people know what matters most to them – their priorities are well set ahead of the year and they do not lose focus. They keep themselves positive and keep looking out for opportunities.

Not believing in the TRUE value of their work.

This is a behavior that most of the people have that reduces his productivity and efficiency to a level where people start to notice. Hence they keep working at a low paying job . This is because he starts to believe that there is no skills or talent in him that can act as a competitive edge over others. They start to engage in a “below the norm” thinking .This is a Mindset that limits the persons view of the world. It leads the person to start believing that whatever is happening to him is outside his control and everyone else’s fault. He feels so unworthy that he tries to mask his real personality. His anxiety rises to a level where he is not able to manage his finances and tries to find happiness in other things like food etc.. Finally he continues to work for low income and avoid complaining about any problems they see. Successful people believe in themselves. They feel critical to have a passion and purpose in life. They are the people who take bold action towards their visions, in-order to create success for themselves..

Not investing in personal growth & professional development

I see this behavior over and over in those who feel thwarted and unsuccessful. They are reluctant to invest time, money and energy in themselves and their own growth and not expanding their skills. They’ll make any excuse for why now is not the time to invest in themselves or commit to change. They keep believing that having a job is the only way to make money and fail to see opportunities. They are too afraid of taking risks and are always stuck in their comfort zone. Successful people don’t wait. They spend money, time and effort on their own growth . They know without doubt it will pay off for themselves and everyone around them. They also know that their success is directly proportionate to the effort they put in. Most of all, they understand there are no short cuts or easy answers on the road to success.