Top 5 Resources to lower the risk in transitioning from employee to self employed

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As a passionate and an aspiring leader with an overall experience working in corporate of over 16 years, I have understood clearly the science or rather the secrete behind a success and that applies to almost all people of all types and characteristics . This if understood correctly may potentially change your life and give you an experience of all the abundance that you can achieve in your life with some slight changes.

If you are living a dream of exiting out of your Job and not sure of how to exit when you are living on monthly pay cheques?  If you badly want to own a business of your own and not to work for someone else? If you hate you current job and still working only to get your salary to pay your bills, grocery and other necessities and don’t know how? If you want to be seen as a Owner or Founder or a Business? Then you have come to the right place.

Before reading any further, I would like to let you know what are your PRE-REQUISITE to achieve your goals. You see if you so badly want to be successful then you should first need to answer to yourself as to why do you want to be successful. You need to know “WHY” you want to exit out of your Job that gives you stable income. Once you get to know your WHY then you will find a direction or an address to where to head to. The Address of Path will be found when you meet the below criteria.

Desire + Passion + Massive Action = Success

If you have a very Strong Desire to win and living with a passion so strong, you are the right person then to read further to understand the Top 10 Resource List that I have prepared to then take massive action. Once you get to that stage then you become virtually UNSTOPPABLE.



To be able to reach your goal you need to first learn where to put all your focus to.  Focus only on your Goal and not on the issue or problem.  Focus on a way out or solution and not focusing on the Problem that will occur in future with your decision.  FEAR is the driving factor behind all the failures. FEAR as someone said is false evidence appearing real. It’s due to the fear of the unknown, that you do not take the next step. If your Focus is shifted from thinking of what would happen if you could not succeed after quitting the job, to what should be done to ensure you never fail will make all the difference. You would then only start taking small actions that lead to success and not focusing on the failure will not depress or demotivate you. Do Not think of whether your action will get results or not. Leave that to the Universe. So as soon as you get those thoughts immediately change to some good positive and inspiring thoughts. You can also watch some inspiration videos that will shift your mind to start thinking like the rich.


Your energy is at its Peak when you get up. If at that moment you could spur out from the Bed immediately instead of slowly lifting your body eliminates all possibility of basking in that dull state for long. Early morning is the time when you energy is at its peak with all the cosmic energy that has flown down in to your body. The faster you react in a steady state, the higher the probability for your to be productive throughout the day.  If you get up from bed yanning at a slow pace and walking slowly to the bathroom and picking up your brush , will you feel strong. Do you think this will be more productive start of the day.  Just imagine if you sprint up from the bed with full speed within seconds as soon as your alarm clock rings the brain acts instantaneously and pumps blood across and you will feel a splurge of energy and happiness getting up in the morning.



We are all Humans and not machines that can be programmed as and when we feel like. We have to take care of people who are dependent on us; we have to the necessary stuffs like brushing teeth, taking bath, talking dog out for a walk, cleaning fish tank , reading all emails and replying to them, checking social media sites like facebook and whats app to stay connected to whats happening around among our friends etc retc and it goes on and on as a never ending task. If I take a walk from my inbuilt office in my house to the kitchen passing by the bedrooms and drawing room , I can end up spending some time picking up some stuffs that my kids have dropped on the foor or finding the Lid open and taking some time to close it etc etc.. All these take time. You see Time is the only thing that cannot wait .It can only grow smaller going forward. This is the only thing that cannot be grown neither you can ask for more. You can only loose time and once lost you never know how much is left. We as a  human really abuse time and waste it. We all want to be successful in life but there is no way an additional pressure can be manually generated in us by clicking a button. That’s where you need a Shift in your mind . You need to create or generate that pressure within to become that unstoppable. Stop killing time and become a conqueror of procrastination. If your why is strong then the time you get up onwards you will be very focused on what you need to achieve that day and you will start to realise how valuable this resource called time is. Pause the next time you start damaging time. Stop wasting time on unnecessary stuffs that add no value. Stop opening the phone always when you see a notification coming in . You got to work today so tomorrow you are one step closer to your dream. Your whats app or Facebook replies can wait, watching TV can be stopped, Stop entering an argument with any person just because you . You see the less you speak and more you take action the faster you reach your goal. There is no room for regretting. So Put down all the things that you do through out the day on a piece of paper.  Club together each and every activity that you do in to categories and prioritise them. You can keep all the whats app or Facebook replies once a day towards evening time when your energy has drained out. Never do the low priority task at the start of the day and you see that by evening all the top priority tasks have been accomplished and you will then feel lot more relieved and confident towards your dream.


Instead of slowly lifting your body or sulking in emotions or fear, try this out.  Instantaneously without thinking for even a second, Roar with a Full energy as much as you can that would be the best way you can get yourself in a High Vortex of Energy. If you are not able to roar in your house as it might scare your family or Neighbour, then you can also roar without any sound. Just feel the impulsive energy in that Silent Roar. Open your Mouth to shout loud and without any sound you can get that high energy floated to the Universe.  This way even if you had a sad dream or any emotional pain you will get over it instantaneously. Try it out ! This will get you immediately in to a steady state. When I was a child, I used to Love the Television cartoon serial called “HE-MAN, The Master of the Universe” and in that at the beginning itself the way he holds the sword high up in the sky and screams “HE MAN the most powerful man in the universe” and as he says lightning strikes. I used to do the same with a plastic sword and scream at the top of my voice “Pratish Nair the most powerful man in the universe “ J I was a Child then and could not understand then what was I doing. I was unconsciously transmitting my message to the universe. So can you . Start from where you are right now. Its magical.


As someone said “Faith is not knowing what the future Holds but knowing who holds the future”.  Focus on someone you want to be like. Tell the universe who you really want to be. What you really want to accomplish. You can use the words “I AM” as you know those are the most powerful words in the universe. It’s a Conscious meditation. It explains to the universe exactly who you are. “I AM GRATEFUL” “I AM TRULY HAPPY” “I AM POWERFUL” “I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN LIFE” “ I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY DESTINY” “AND I DECLARE TO THE UNIVERSE THAT I AM A CHANGED PERSON” “ I AM NOW BENEVOLENT” “I AM NOW ABUNDANT” “ I AM NOW GENEROUS’ “I AM NOT CARING”  With the opportunity that I have. “ I AM JOYFUL , WEALTHY AND GRATEFUL” .Since you are at home you can say this out loud and its ok how you want to say it. But you can say this in your own voice as you want to Loud or soft as you like. You will declare this over and over to the universe and you will declare that you are wealthy and abundant in joyfulness, happiness and contentment. You will follow your path .You will be the person you want to be every single moment of your life. You will live with passion .You will live with commitment .You will do everything in your power not to disappoint yourself. You are fabulous in your new life. You will develop new friendships. Your old friends will see you as more powerful, focused committed friend as individual. Over time your friend and family will give you respect. You begin to see it and feel it and you will find that the more you practise to be the new you, the more respect and admiration you will receive from your friend and family. See how happy that person is. Revel in that though. So now say it again and again “I AM ABUNDANT” “ I AM WEALTHY’ “ I AM GRATEFUL” “I AM NOW TRANSFORMED” AND “I AM GRATEFUL” “I AM …..” “I AM ….” “I AM A NEW PERSON”. This is a way to remind yourself who you are .Do this couple of times a day about 5 to 10 min. You can repeat it as many times as you like and tell the universe who you are. You will yourself see the benefits in the first 30 days itself if done with full devotion.



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