Top 3 mistakes that people do to keep them stuck in a job they dislike and stop themselves from pursuing an entrepreneurial career path

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Top 3 mistakes that people do to keep them stuck in a job they dislike and stop themselves from pursuing an entrepreneurial career path:-

In my 16 years of experience working for some of the top banks, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from amazing professionals. I have been working with people who are in action and motivated and loving life to the fullest. I have also seen professionals who being in the same organization and doing the same work still live a life of misery.

I hence chose to learn from the successful people. I studied how they react to situations and resolve problems in day to day activities.

I even figured out what are the gaps that exist in people leading a frustrated life at job compared to people who lead a fulfilled happy life.

I have now found that the secret successful people follow, is no different than the secrete that exist from a century.

Continuing to do work that they do not enjoy.

I have seen this stage in people who love to be in the same place doing the same job and expecting different results. They feel they cannot survive in other department or in outside world as there is lot of unknowns. They finally end up doing the work because they are being paid as they then learn to compromise with life. These kinds of people have no idea what they love to do? They remain powerless and speechless anticipating and hopping that one day some things will change and everything will be back to how it was before. They do not have the urge to check and take inventory of unique abilities that they possess and the opportunities that comes across and they continue to take crap from management and stand for bullying or harassment. They reach a plateau where there is no growth and the feeling of unworthiness pulls them more down in life and they even accept too low or unfair salaries as they feel that they are indeed worthy only for that.

Successful people know what matters most to them – their priorities are well set ahead of the year and they do not lose focus. They keep themselves positive and keep looking out for opportunities.

Not believing in the TRUE value of their work.

This is a behavior that most of the people have that reduces his productivity and efficiency to a level where people start to notice. Hence they keep working at a low paying job . This is because he starts to believe that there is no skills or talent in him that can act as a competitive edge over others. They start to engage in a “below the norm” thinking .This is a Mindset that limits the persons view of the world. It leads the person to start believing that whatever is happening to him is outside his control and everyone else’s fault. He feels so unworthy that he tries to mask his real personality. His anxiety rises to a level where he is not able to manage his finances and tries to find happiness in other things like food etc.. Finally he continues to work for low income and avoid complaining about any problems they see. Successful people believe in themselves. They feel critical to have a passion and purpose in life. They are the people who take bold action towards their visions, in-order to create success for themselves..

Not investing in personal growth & professional development

I see this behavior over and over in those who feel thwarted and unsuccessful. They are reluctant to invest time, money and energy in themselves and their own growth and not expanding their skills. They’ll make any excuse for why now is not the time to invest in themselves or commit to change. They keep believing that having a job is the only way to make money and fail to see opportunities. They are too afraid of taking risks and are always stuck in their comfort zone. Successful people don’t wait. They spend money, time and effort on their own growth . They know without doubt it will pay off for themselves and everyone around them. They also know that their success is directly proportionate to the effort they put in. Most of all, they understand there are no short cuts or easy answers on the road to success.


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